About Us

Small Kauri Early Childhood Education Centre

The tall canopy trees of the Kauri forest provide protection and nourishment which enables an entire ecosystem to develop beneath them. Within this ecosystem, the small Kauri flourish and grow.

At Small Kauri, we view children as confident, competent and capable learners. Each child is seen as unique and brings with them to the Centre, their own experiences and knowledge (whanaungatanga). We believe that each child has opinions and rights and we will provide equitable opportunities for them to learn irrespective of gender, ethnicity or ability.

We believe in fostering an enjoyment of learning, through active exploration, child centred play and experiences, and interaction with others. We believe that children learn best in respectful, trusting and loving relationships in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

At Small Kauri children are supported and encouraged to be independent, to make their own choices, are challenged to develop techniques to solve problems and to care for others. As a mixed age setting, we believe that children should learn alongside others in Ako (teachers and children as learners and teachers) and Tuakana/Teina (teaching and learning between an older child (tuakana) and a younger child (teina) relationships and that these opportunities are fostered in an environment that caters to their interests and strengths.

We recognise the cultural heritage of Aotearoa and are committed to incorporating bicultural practice and the principals of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi into the Centre. We believe that cultural heritage is an important part of a child’s sense of belonging and endeavour to provide opportunities for them to experience their own and the cultures of others.

We strongly value parent partnership for promoting children’s learning and well-being and also believe in establishing and maintaining links with the wider Mangere Bridge community.  

The teachers at Small Kauri support each other and value open communication in the team. We are passionate about our work with the children and are fully qualified and highly skilled in how we teach. We support children and their families to explore, question and make sense of the world together. We listen carefully to children, value their efforts and support them to build positive identities. We regularly participate in Professional Development to enhance our teaching practice. Our professional practice is influenced by the Educational Theorists Bronfenbrenner, Vygotsky, Magda Gerber and Piaget in particular.

We are the tall Kauri and together we will nourish our Small Kauri children.