Teacher Ratios

Providing an environment to support learning

Our environment for learning is our grounds and building with open plan layout and extensive learning equipment provided, and it is also our people in the environment that achieve quality education of children.

We have given careful consideration to the composition of children at Small Kauri and teacher requirements.

We believe that just as a family is comprised of different age groups, our centre group should comprise children of varied age groups.   Young children are provided a model by the older children to learn from (language, how to engage with the equipment). This encourages younger children to achieve. The older children learn about caring and supporting younger children.  They learn empathy and build positive self-esteem through seeing themselves as more able and as helpers.

All the teachers at Small Kauri hold University Degrees or Post Graduate Diplomas in Early Childhood Teaching . They are supported by each other in gaining increased professional knowledge and skill on a weekly basis through readings and discussions and on other occasions they attend external Professional Development.

The Ministry of Education funds pay for 4 Qualified & Registered Teachers and 1 untrained assistant daily, this is a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children under 2 years age and 1 Teacher to 10 children over 2 years. 

Small Kauri usually provides a minimum of 6 or 7 Qualified & Registered Teachers and 1 unqualified assistant each day the centre is open.

Small Kauri provides the high number of Qualified & Registered Teachers  to enable quality interactions with children sometimes individually but usually in small groups so that each child’s learning is supported. Click here to meet your Teachers.

Feel welcome to visit and observe how the children enjoy learning at Small Kauri.