At Small Kauri creativity is extremely important. We do not mean creativity as in art or craft (of course that too), but creativity in terms of creative thinking. To be a successful learner we must be creative thinkers.

Creative thinking skills: persisting with difficulty, making decisions, problem setting and solving, being flexible, curiosity, imaginative thought, independence, experimentation, perceptiveness, sharing ideas.

Related learning dispositions: perseverance, confidence, responsibility, courage, curiosity.

Links to Te Whariki (our early childhood curriculum)
Strands and Goals: exploration, wellbeing, belonging, contribution, communication
Framework/ Key competencies: thinking, managing self, participating, contributing, relating to others, using language

Due to this you will not find templates or colouring in pages here, and we do not do teacher driven 'activities'. But rather, we provide resources and opportunities for creativity, ask open ended questions and offer ideas for extension.